Zandalari Troll Forms: Welcome to Jurassic Park

So, if you’ve been paying attention to the World of Warcraft news, you may have noticed that the Zandalari troll druid forms have recently been datamined.  And like… they’re something else.

On one hand, I’m pleased the devs aren’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to something we pretty much already know.  People expect the Guardian druid form to be a bear, the Feral form to be a cat, and so on and so forth.  It’s cool that they’re breaking the mold, and changing it to be more in line with Zandalari troll lore, which is all about the dinosaurs.  It’s interesting and unique.
zandalari troll moonkin form dinosaur balance range dps
I just really can’t get behind the moonkin form. It’s just so weird.  Panser of TradeChat said it best when she surmised, “This looks like the Geico lizard hatefucked an arakkoa and this is the baby that they had.”  My god, that is so accurate.
zandalari troll tank form armadillo turtledillo turtle guardian dinosaur
As far as the other forms, except the feral form which has not yet been datamined (saber-tooth cat maybe? Smilidon?), I think I can warm up to them.  The tanking form looks kinda cute and looks like a stegosaurus (Panser called it a ‘turtledillo’), like Spike from Land Before Time.  Anyone remember Land Before Time?

zandalari troll flight form travel pterrodax flying dinosaur mount

zandalari troll travel form ravasaur dinosaur running mount
All pics from WoWhead.

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