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Halls of Containment Guide for Resto Druids

We're back for some more Restoration Druid Boss Guides! If you've read my other guides, you know the drill.  I don't go totally in-depth. I speak only from a restoration druid's perspective, therefore DPS-only mechanics or anything that doesn't pertain to what I'm doing is not mentioned.  If you want a more in-depth guide, there are plenty out there. This is only from personal experience.  It also does not apply to Mythic difficulty.

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1. Taloc

taloc world of warcraft wow raid boss strategy guide battle for azeroth uldir

Phase 1: If he targets you with Plasma Discharge, run away from your group and try to drop in in other red pools. You need to manage your space, because you do not want to fill up the whole fight area with red gunk or you will lose and I will laugh. Your raid leader will likely designate a spot to drop the pools. Dodge waves from Sanguine Static. Cudgel of Gore will target a tank, who will go to a blood pool and clear the blood within 18 yards. It does raidwide damage based on distance to the tank, so do NOT be near the tank. You may want to create a cooldown rotation for this. Taloc will then use Retrieve Cudgel, and anyone between him and his cudgel will get knocked back. Do not be between him and his cudgel.

Phase 2: Surprise, the whole room is an elevator! Keep in mind you CAN die if you fall off. During this phase, Taloc takes 99% less damage. Uldir Defensive Beams will crisscross across the platform and it DOES hurt if you get hit. Point your camera upwards at an angle so you can see where they are, because they're UNDER the platform and you descend onto them. Adds will spawn during this phase that the tanks will pick up. It's easier to be stacked up for this, and your raid leader may designate a stacking point.

Phase 3: Your elevator touches down on the ground and Taloc wakes up from his little nap. This is like a combination of the first two phases, with the adds in addition to the mechanics of the first phase. Adds may fixate on you and if they touch you will do a small amount of damage and a knockback. Someone will likely be designated to soak them for you, otherwise you can pop a defensive cooldown and deal with it yourself.

If your group is stacked up, make sure you're placing Efflorencence under the group. When you cast Tranquility, make SURE you're far enough away from the tanks that you won't get knocked back by Cudgel of Gore. Tiger Dash will be useful for kiting adds away from the group.


MOTHER world of warcraft wow raid boss strategy guide battle for azeroth uldir

Room 1: This fight is divided into three rooms. Through the fight, you will transition from the first room to the third. Through each phase, a bar will fill with energy, and when it is full, the room will enter into a Cleansing Purge. That's when you'll need to be in the next room. The catch is that if too many people go through the door at once, it does raidwide damage, so communication is a must. Do NOT be standing in front of the boss unless you are a tank (which you probably aren't, since this is aimed at healers). Purifying Flame will spawn red swirlies under players, and you need to move out of the way before they go off. Wind Tunnel will push players toward one end of the room, which is on FIRE. So do not get pushed to the edge of the room. We have an advantage due to most of our heals being instant casts AND our exceptional mobility (like Tiger Dash). It shouldn't be any trouble. Every time someone enters the next room, an add will spawn in it. That room's tank will pick it up and the room's DPS will nuke it down. Keep in mind there will still be a group on the previous room fighting MOTHER. The doors do break line of sight. Healers will also slowly be sent through to support the second group. As the Cleansing Purge countdown ticks down, the whole group will once again converge in the same room.

Room 2: Once MOTHER walks into the second room, it triggers Uldir Defensive Beam. This is a grid of light beams that will start on one end of the room and move to the opposite side, doing damage to anyone in its path. There will be a gap in it for players to safely run through so look for it and don't tunnel so hard you forget to mechanics. In Heroic difficulty, there will also be beams coming from the TOP, so have fun with that.

Room 3: MOTHER will take extra damage, so this is a good place to Bloodlust and hit all your cooldowns so burn her down.

This is a fight with a limited amount of space, so finding a group of people to stick Efflorescence under shouldn't be hard. If in doubt, place it under the melee. Tiger Dash will also be useful in this fight. The damage pattern of the fight is great for using the Inner Peace talent, since you'll be hopping room roughly every two minutes or so. Make sure to HoT up players about to pass through the doors since you won't be able to heal them anymore after they do. I strongly suggest coordinating cooldowns and deciding which heals will go through first strategically. You want to make sure each side has enough healing, and enough cooldowns should they need it.

3. Zek'voz

zek'voz world of warcraft wow raid boss strategy guide battle for azeroth uldir

Do NOT be standing in front of the boss unless you are tanking, as it does a frontal cone attack. When he reaches 100 Energy, Zek'voz will use Surging Darkness. This places rings of darkness around the room. Make sure you are NOT standing in a shadow ring. Just move out of it when it starts, then back up a little bit to avoid the next one.

Phase 1: When he casts Eye Beam on you, move away from other players or it will cause an AoE chain void effect. He will summon adds called Silithid Warriors. If one is chasing you, bring it over near the boss so it can be cleaved down. Your raid leader may designate a spot to take them.

Phase 2: The boss summons a new type of add called a Nerubian Voidweaver. They cast Void Bolt, which should be interrupted if you can. You can use Mighty Bash, and Typhoon will interrupt them for just a second or two. If you get Roiling Deceit cast on you, quickly run far away from your group members so the cloud that spawn will not be near anyone. Once again, your raid leader may designate a place for you to drop it. They stay up for the whole fight, and they spawn adds if anyone touches them.

Phase 3: Orb of Corruption will spawn in the air, and a player will need to stand under it to catch it before it hits the ground. Whoever catches it will gain 100% health, damage done and healing done, but at the end of the buff they get mind controlled. People who are mind controlled cast Psionic Blast, which should be interrupted. In Normal, the mind control can be broken with damage, so be sure to stun, crowd control, and beat the pants out of your friends. In Heroic, the mind control lasts until the victim dies and does an 8-yard AoE damage effect when they die.

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Battle on the Broken Isles 2-Pet Strategies

battle on the broke isles wow world of warcraft legion pet battle strategy guide

These are simple strategies to defeat the pets and teams in the Battle on the Broken Isles achievement.  You can only fight these trainers when their World Quest is available.  These strategies assume all of your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality.

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Pet Addons
My Favorite Pets for Battling

1. Thistleleaf Bully

This pet gives very little experience so there is not much point in using a two-pet strategy to combat him.  Therefore, I use a three-pet strategy.

Sister of Temptation (1,1,1)   (Unborn Val'kyr is also an acceptable alternative)
Fel Pup (1,1,1)   (Stitched Pup is also an acceptable alternative)
Anything with Beast damage to wipe out backline pets.

Shadow Shock twice. Curse of Doom. Lovestruck. Switch to Pup. Howl. Diseased Bite twice.

That should take care of the boss and the rest is cleaning up the backline.  If Curse of Doom does NOT go off due to the boss's increased chance to dodge, just use Howl on cooldown and fill with Diseased Bite.  It takes a little longer but it still works.

2. Manafiends

The abilities of the pets in this fight are pretty randomized.  They may or may not have Surge of Power.  I recommend tracking their moves so you know when they are about to use Surge of Power if they have it.  They also sometimes have Evanescence, which will considerably lengthen the fight and make the strategies useless.  This fight is more about knowing the moves than following a specific set of instructions round by round.  Decoy if they have Surge of Power off cooldown, basically.  This strategy is for if they do not have Surge of Power.

Leveling Pet (at least 600 health)
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1,x,2)
Any dragonkin damage, but a second Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling would be best.

Any filler ability.  Switch to Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. Use Decoy if they have Surge of Power off cooldown.  Otherwise spam Breath.  For the whole fight.   Literally.

3. Beasts of Burden

This is technically two fights.  Each trainer uses one pet, you defeat it, defeat the next pet, and complete the quest.  I've heard you can just keep fighting the same one, never completing the second one, and get infinite experience, but I have never tried that.

Leveling Pet
Draenei Micro Defender (2,1,2)   (Darkmoon Tonk or Menagerie Custodian is also doable, but you'll lose a speed advantage.)
Personal World Destroyer (1,2,1)   (Iron Starlette or any Mechanical pet with a good nuke can be used.)


Any ability. Switch out to Personal World Destroyer. Metal Fist four times. Screeching Gears. Bring in Micro Defender. Batter four times.

Keep using Batter until Mini Musken gets to 579 health or less, because that's how much Ion Cannon will do.  The point of this strategy is to harass Mini Musken enough to force him to do Wish, and then use your Draenei Micro Defender to burn him down during Wish's 5 round cooldown before he can cast it again.

Ion Cannon.


Leveling Pet (must be able to take ~400 damage, so cannot be level 1)
Draenei Micro Defender (2,1,2)
Anything with strong Mechanical damage. You probably won't need it.

Hit with any ability.  Switch out to Draenei Micro Defender. Reflective Shield. Batter three times.  Ion Cannon. As soon as he is less than 579 health, you can use Ion Cannon.

4. Hungry Icefang

This fight doesn't give much experience, so it's not really worth it to level a pet.

Iron Starlette (1,2,1)
De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion (1,2,x)
Any Mechanical pet you want as backup, OR you could squeeze a leveling pet in if you really want to.

Wind Up. Supercharge. Wind Up. Switch to De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion. Extra Plating. Metal Fist.  Metal Fist. Metal Fist (Icefang should die).

From here, just burn down the add pets with your basic attacks. When the final third pet comes out, switch in your leveler for a hit and switch it back out. Then finish burning it down.  The experience is really crap so I would just bring in another good level 25 to sweep up the backline.

5. Lil'idan

This is also not a good pet for leveling other pets.  He gives very poor experience.  He also has a passive 25% chance to dodge, so it will make the fight quite random.

Unborn Val'kyr (1,2,2)
Infected Fawn (1,2,1)
Fel Pup 2,1,1)

Curse of Doom.  Because of his extra dodge chance, this may miss, or the hit may miss.  You'll be fine if it does.

Spam Shadow Slash for a while.  When your Val'kyr comes back to life, use Unholy Ascension.  Bring in your Fawn.  Use Diseased Bite twice, then Consume Corpse.  Continue spamming Diseased Bite.  You may not even need your third pet.  Because we are not trying to level a pet, we have much more wiggle room on this fight.

6. Bodhi Sunwayver

Bronze Whelpling (1,1,1)
Fel Pup (2,1,1)
Leveling Pet (at least 800 health or so because it will take a little AoE damage)

Use Early AdvantageArcane SlashLift-Off.  Arcane Slash.  Early Advantage.  Arcane Slash until Salty Bird dies.  Early Advantage if it is up, otherwise use Arcane Slash and hit Early Advantage when it comes up.   Once Grommet's health gets to be less than 400, pass the rounds until your Bronze Whelpling dies.  Switch to your leveling pet, then immediately switch back to your Pup.  Use Howl and then Diseased Bite.

7. Scavenging Critters

Leveling Pet (>1000 health)
Nexus Whelpling (x,2,2)
De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion (2,2,x)

Arcane StormMana Surge.  When first enemy pet dies, pass your next turn.  Bring in leveling pet.   Switch in Mechanical pet.  Extra Plating.  Spam Thrash.

8. The Murlocs

Zomstrok (1, 1, x)
Leveling Pet
Giant Bone Spider (1, x, x)

Maintain your Shell Shield and spam Infected Claw until your Zomstrok dies. It should get you to the third murloc.  When he dies, switch your leveling pet and the swap out to the Bone Spider.  Finish the last murloc with Bone Bite.

9. Rats!

This is an incredibly easy fight.  Just pick two Humanoid pets with Beast moves. I used:

Leveling Pet
Lil' Bad Wolf (1, 2, 1)
Flayer Youngling (2, 2, 2)

Pass, then switch out to the Wolf.  I used Howl first, then spammed Claw.  My Wolf soloed the whole fight.

10. Aulier

Stormborn Whelpling (1, 2, 2)
Leveling Pet
Albino Chimeraling (2, 2, 1)

Arcane Storm.  Mana Surge.  When Conviction gets to less than 300 HP, pass turns because he's going to use Dark Rebirth and you not want to kill him while he has it.  When it drops off him, use Tail Sweep until he dies.  He may kill your dragon.  If he does, switch in your leveling pet, then switch it back out for your Chimeraling.  Tail Sweep until the last enemy pet comes out.  Tail Sweep.  Call Darkness.  Life-Off.  Tail Sweep if enemy pet is still alive.

11. Flummox

Leveling Pet
Sister of Temptation (2, 1, 1)
Zandalari Anklerender (2, x, 2)

Pass, then switch out to your Sister.  Curse of DoomAgony.  Swap to Anklerender.   Black ClawHunting Party.

12. Durian Strongfruit

Frostfur Rat (1, 2, 2)
Leveling Pet (>600 health)
Shimmershell Snail (1, 2, 1)

Sneak Attack.  Call Darkness.  Refuge.  Spam Sneak Attack until Sunny refreshes the Sunlight buff, then use Call Darkness.  Refuge.  EVEN IF Sunny dies and the next pet comes out, still use Refuge to avoid the stun of the next pet.  Spam Sneak Attack and use Call Darkness on cooldown.  Use Refuge to soak the stun if you can time it right.  When your rat dies, bring in your leveling pet, then switch them out for the snail right away.  One more Ooze Touch should finish off the enemy pet.  Maintain Shell Shield and spam Ooze Touch.

13. Chromadon

This fight offers very little experience for leveling.  Therefore, I do not recommend a two pet srategy as it just isn't worth it.  That being said, it's an incredibly easy fight and you can solo it with one or two pets easy.

Clockwork Gnome (x, 2, 1)
Clock'em (1, 2, 2)
Leveling Pet if you really want

Build Turret and then just spam Blitz.  Gnome should be able to solo this fight.  If you really want to level a pet, bring it in after Chromadon does Surge so it won't get nailed.  If you need to bring in Clock'em, a couple Jabs should do the trick.

14. Envoy of the Hunt

This gives very low experience, so she isn't worth it for leveling any pets. Thus I will provide a three-pet strategy for a quick and easy kill.

Rabbit (2, 2, 1)
Red Panda (2, 1, 1)
Arctic Fox Kit (2, 1, 2)

Dodge first. Spam Flurry until Round 7, then use Dodge again. Flurry. Burrow. Bring in Panda. Use Perk Up after enemy uses Sunny Day and keep using Scratch. You probably won't even need your third pet.

15. Bredda Tenderhide

Leveling Pet (at least 500 health in case of bad RNG)
Wood Frog (2, 1, 2) (any frog with speed >280 will work)
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1, 2, 2)

Use any move. Switch out to Frog. Swarm of Flies. Spam Tongue Lash and use Healing Surge if needed.  Try to get Swarm of Flies on second enemy pet before your frog dies. Bring in Pandaren Dragonling. Spam Breath. When enemy third pet comes out, use Decoy first. Thunderbolt. Spam Breath.

16. Varenne

Soul of the Forge (1, 2, 1)
Leveling Pet
Jade Crane Chick (2, 2, 2)

Stoneskin. Flamethrower. Deep Burn. Deep Burn. Keep up the pattern of Flamethrower once, followed by two Deep Burn, and maintain Stoneskin. Do the same when the rat comes out and follow the same rotation until your Soul dies. Bring in Leveler. Immediately switch to Chick. Jadeskin. Thrash. Make SURE the Rat doesn't have the Survival buff. If he does, just refresh Jadeskin and make sure you don't kill him. Burn him down quickly with Thrash. When the frog comes out, just keep using Flock to melt him.

17. Fragment of Fire

Jademist Dancer (1, 2, 1)
Pandaren Water Spirit (1, 1, 1)
Leveling Pet

Acid Rain. Rain Dance. Spam Steam Vent until first enemy pet dies. Refresh Acid Rain. Steam Vent. Bring in your leveling pet, then switch it right back out for the Pandaren Water Spirit. Whirlpool. Healing Wave. Spam Water Jet, and use Healing Wave if you need it, and Whirlpool on CD.

18. The Maw

This gives very low experience, so it isn't worth it for leveling any pets. Thus I will provide a three-pet strategy for a quick and easy kill.

Any pet with Emerald Presence and a Dragonkin attack will be able to nearly solo this fight. You could bring an Emerald Proto-Whelp, an Emerald Whelpling, or a Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon. You can back them up with any pet with Dragonkin attacks. Proto-Whelp is better because Proto-Strike does Dragonkin damage.

Emerald Presence. Proto-Strike. Spam Breath and maintain the Emerald Presence buff.

19. Stitches Jr. Jr.

This gives very low experience, so it isn't worth it for leveling any pets. Thus I will provide a three-pet strategy for a quick and easy kill.

Unborn Val'kyr (x, 2, 2)
Sea Pony (x, 2, 2)
Slithershock Elver (x, 1, 2)

Curse of Doom. Unholy Ascension. Bring in Sea Pony. Cleansing Rain. Spam Pump.

20. Vinu

This gives very low experience, so it isn't worth it for leveling any pets. Thus I will provide a three-pet strategy for a quick and easy kill. Vinu also has two random Azsuna wild pets as backup. My third pet choice is to clean those up.

Syd the Squid (1, 1, 2)
Slithershock Elver (1, 1, 2)
Zandalari Anklerender (1, 1, 1)

Water Jet. Bubble. Cleansing Rain. Spam Water Jet until Round 8. Cleansing Rain at Round 8. Bubble. Water Jet until Round 14, when you should use Cleansing Rain again. Bubble on cooldown. The Elver is there for backup and the Zandalari is to clean up the two remaining pets.

21. Sir Galveston

Leveling Pet (must have >800 health or so)
Hyjal Wisp (2, 1, 1)
Nightmare Bell (1, 1, 1)

Pass. Switch to Hyjal Wisp. Evanescence. Arcane Blast twice. Wish. Arcane Blast until Coach dies. Evanescence. Spam Arcane Blast until your Wisp dies. Call Darkness. Shadow Shock. Use Shadow Shock until you have less than about 400 health, then use Dark Rebirth.

22. Felsoul Seer

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1, x, 2)
Leveling Pet
Darkmoon Zeppelin (1, x, x) (a second Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is even better)

Decoy. Spam Breath. Be careful of the first pet, since it has Dark Rebirth. Hold off so you don't trigger it, then kill it. You could possibly solo all three pets, but to level a pet you need to let your Dragonling die. Once the enemy third pet gets a bit low, pass turns so your Dragonling dies, bring in your leveler, then switch right away to your Zeppelin. A few Missile hits should do the trick.

23. Trapper Jarrun

Leveling Pet (at least 400 health)
Any Rabbit with Scratch, Dodge, Burrow
Toothy (or any baby alligator with Rip, Surge, Blood in the Water)

Any move. Switch to Rabbit. Burrow. Dodge. Flurry. Spam Scratch until Mist Wraith goes down. On its bonus Undead turn, use Burrow. Scratch when Crawdead comes out, then Dodge. Spam Scratch until your Rabbit dies. Rip. Blood in the Water. Surge.

24. Blottis

This gives very low experience, so he isn't worth it for leveling any pets. Thus I will provide a three-pet strategy for a quick and easy kill.

Ikky (x, 1, 1)
Crow (1, 2, 2)
Bloodbeak (x, x, 2)

Black Claw. Flock. Switch in any of your other two pets and use any couple Flying attacks to finish him off.

25. Amalia

Leveling Pet (>500 health)
Alarm-o-Bot (1, 1, 2)
Lifelike Toad (1, 1, 1)

Pass. Switch to Alarm-o-Bot. Decoy. Interrupting Jolt. Decoy. Spam Alert until Foof dies. Interrupting Jolt when the second pet comes out. Keep spamming Alert and try to use Decoy the round before Superbark comes off cooldown. Use what you can out of your pet when Lil' Sizzle comes out, but you won't get far. Bring out the Toad. Frog Kiss and Water Jet a few times to kill the last pet. Healing Wave if needed.

RNG can get a bit iffy, but this CAN double as a Mechanical strategy for Family Familiar even though your Toad will be weak to Sizzle's attacks. If you're having trouble, sub in an Aquatic pet with Bubble or Dive, and a strong Aquatic attack to make quick work of him.

26. Tiffany Nelson

Darkmoon Zeppelin (1, x, 2)
Nexus Whelpling (1, 2, 2)
Leveling Pet

Decoy. Spam Missile. Bring in Whelpling. Arcane Storm. Mana Surge. Tail Sweep until Whelpling goes down. Bring in your Leveling Pet. Switch back out to Zeppelin. Decoy. Spam Missile.

27. Nightwatcher Merayl

Nexus Whelpling (1, 1, 2)
Little Fawn (1, 2, 1)
Leveling Pet (>800 health)

Tail Sweep until Book is dead. When Spirit comes out, Arcane Storm, then Sear Magic. Immediately switch out to the Fawn. Use Bleat on cooldown, Nature's Ward to keep up the buff, and fill with Hoof. When Fawn dies, switch back to the Whelpling. Arcane Storm. Tail Sweep until Moth dies.

28. Heliosus

A snail with Shell Shield, Dive, and Absorb
Zandalari Anklerender (2, x, 2)
Any pet with strong Aquatic abilities

This gives very low experience, so he isn't worth it for leveling any pets. Thus I will provide a three-pet strategy for a quick and easy kill.

Shell Shield. Maintain this for the whole fight. Dive, then dive on cooldown. Spam Absorb as a filler. If your Snail dies, bring in your Strider to finish the job. When Heliosus dies, he will turn into an egg, and you have four turns to DPS down the egg, or he will return to life with full health.  Bring in your Anklerender. Black Claw. Hunting Party. Finish it with Bloodfang if necessary.

29. Grixis Tinypop

Egbert (2, 1, 1)
Doom Bloom (2, 2, 2)
Leveling Pet (>500 health)

Maintain Shell Shield. Spam Peck until Gulp dies. When Eggcellent comes out, spam Trample. Don't worry about maintain Shell Shield from here on out. When Eggecellent gets to low health, he will Feign Death and switch out to another pet. When Red Wire comes out, just spam Peck or Trample until Egbert dies. Bring out your leveling pet, then switch right away out to your Doom Bloom. Entangling Roots. Healing Wave. Spam Bite. When Red Wire dies and Egbert comes back out, just spam Bite and Healing Wave as needed.

30. Rocko

This gives very low experience, so he isn't worth it for leveling any pets. Thus I will provide a three-pet strategy for a quick and easy kill.

Black Lamb (x, 2, 1)
Two Rabbits with Dodge and Burrow

You don't actually need to kill Rocko. After 10 turns, he'll die on his own. You just need to stay alive that long. Soothe. Bleat. Pass until Soothe is off cooldown. Then Soothe and Bleat again. Keep doing this until Rocko crumbles. If your lamb somehow dies, just alternate Dodge and Burrow on your rabbits.

31. Robert Craig

Leveling Pet (>400 health)
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (1, 2, 2)
Darkmoon Zeppelin (1, 1, 2)

Any attack. Switch to Yeti. Call Lightning. Metal Fist until Wumpas comes out. Do one more Metal Fist, then Ion Cannon. Pass when you get Crystal Prison cast on you. Pass again because you'll just die anyway if you aren't faster. Bring in Zeppelin. Bombing Run. Missile. Decoy. Missile twice.

32. Catacomb Pests

Leveling Pet (>500 health)
Alarm-o-Bot (2, 2, 2)
Sentinel's Companion (2, x, 2)

Any move. Switch to Bot. Decoy. Haywire. Spam Batter until Spider dies. Switch to Companion. Ethereal. Spam Dark Talon until Bat dies. Ethereal. Keep spamming Dark Talon until Companion dies. Use Ethereal when Snake comes out and Blinding Poison is off cooldown. Bring out Bot when Companion dies. Keep spamming Batter and Haywire and use Decoy.

33. Xorvasc

Leveling Pet (>600 health)
Unborn Val'kyr (2, 2, 2)
Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon (1, 1, 2)

Use any moves until Trixy uses Nether Gate and switches out your leveling pet. Spam Shadow Shock until Trixy dies. When Globs comes out, Curse of Doom. Shadow Shock until your Val'kyr dies and gains the Undead buff. Unholy Ascension. Bring out Yu'la. Emerald Presence. Spam Breath until Globs dies. When Sprout comes out, Life Exchange. Maintain Emerald Presence. Spam Breath until Sprout dies.

34. Odrogg

Leveling Pet
Spirebound Crab (1, 2, 1)
Flayer Youngling (2, 2, 2)

Any move. Switch to Crab. Maintain Shell Shield, spam Snap, and use Healing Wave when you get to about half health. You may not need your Flayer, but if you do, use Deflection for Dive, use Rampage on cooldown, and fill with Triple Snap.

35. Omnitron Defense System

This fight doesn't give much experience, so it's not really worth it to level a pet. Plus the attacks do enormous backline damage, which would make it nearly impossible anyway.

Gahz'rooki (2, 2, 2)
Core Hound Pup (1, 2, 1)
Hare (1, 2, 1)

The iffy thing about this team is that the pets switch in and out in random order, and they all have different weaknesses. That makes it difficult to have a very specific move order. Basically, dodge whenever it comes out and use whatever attack is strong against whichever enemy is up. This is how my fight went:

Geyser. Switch to Pup. Dodge. Thrash. Thrash. Thrash. Burn. Dodge. Thrash. Thrash. Thrash. Bring in Gahz'rooki. Tail Slap four times. Dodge. Scratch. Scratch.

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Bodhi Sunwayver Strategies for Family Familiar

Bodhi Sunwayver

bodhi sunwayver wow pet battle strategy guide world of warcraft family familiar legion

These are simple strategies to defeat Bodhi Sunwayver for the Family Familiar achievement.  You can only fight these trainers when their World Quest is available.  These strategies assume all of your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality.

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My Favorite Pets for Battling

Bodhi Sunwayver's Team:
Salty Bird

1. Aquatic Acquiescence

Slithershock Elver (1, 1, 1)
Moonshell Crab (1, 1, 2)
Snarly (2, 1, x)

Deep Bite until there's one round left on Whirlpool. Dive. Deep Bite until there's one round left on Whirlpool again, then Dodge. Repeat until Itchy dies. If there's one last Whirlpool to avoid, use Dive. Otherwise use Deep Bite until Salty Bird uses Hawk Eye, then Dive. Spam Deep Bite until your Elver dies. Bring in Crab. Moon Tears. Spam Arcane Slash until Salty Bird dies. Shell Shield. Arcane Slash until your Crab dies. For the last pet, alternate Consume and Surge until Grommet dies.

2. Best of the Beasts

Lurking Owl Kitten (2, 1, 1) (a Wind Rider cub with 2, 1, 2 is better if you have it. Just Lift-Off when Whirlpool has one round left)
Feline Familiar (1, 1, 2)
Fel Pup (2, x, x)

Rake. Feathered Frenzy. Spam Quills until Itchy dies. Spam Quills and Feathered Frenzy on cooldown until Kitten dies. Bring out Familiar. Stoneskin. Prowl. Spam Onyx Bite until Salty Bird dies. For Grommet, maintain Stoneskin and spam Onyx Bite until Familiar dies. Bring out Pup. Diseased Bite until Grommet dies.

3. Mousing Around

Darkmoon Hatchling (1, x, 1)
Shimmershell Snail (1, 2, 1)
Nibbles (2, 1, x)

Flock. Peck twice. When Salty Bird comes out, Flock. Peck until Hatchling dies. Bring out Snail. Ooze Touch until Bird dies. When Grommet comes out, maintain Shell Shield. Dive. Ooze Touch until your Snail dies. You may not need Nibbles, but if you do, just Howl and Bone Bite until Grommet dies.

4. Dragons!

Phoenix Hawk Hatchling (2, 2, 2)
Nexus Whelpling (1, 2, 2)
Dream Whelpling (1, 2, 1)

Flyby. Quills. Lift-Off. Quills. When Bird comes out, Flyby. Spam Quills and Lift-Off until Hatchling dies. Bring out Nexus. Arcane Storm. Mana Surge. Tail Sweep until a pet dies. For Grommet, use Nexus Whelpling. Maintain Emerald Presence, Healing Flame if needed, and spam Emerald Bite.

5. Ragnaros, Watch and Learn

Zephyrian Prince (2, x, 2)
Jadefire Spirit (2, 1, 1)
Your highest health Elemental, because it will be taking backline damage. I chose Soul of the Forge because it has 1831 health.

Call Lightning. Spam Slicing Wind until Prince dies. Bring out Spirit. Healing Flame when needed, then on cooldown. Maintain Emerald Presence. Spam Jade Claw until Spirit dies (should be able to get to Grommet and be about halfway health). Do the same for Grommet. If you need a third pet, bring it in and clean up with it. For Soul of the Forge, I maintained Stoneskin, used Flamethrower, then Deep Burn.

6. Flock Together

Ikky (x, 1, 1)
Sentinel's Companion (2, 2, 1)
Antoran Bilescourge (1, x, 2)

Black Claw. Flock. Do the same for Salty Bird. If Ikky dies before Salty Bird, bring out Companion and Soulrush. This should finish off Salty Bird. Moonfire and spam Dark Talon. Soulrush when you can. If you need Bilescourge, just spam Bone Bite and Consume Corpse if you need to.

7. Murlocs, Harpies, and Wolvar, Oh My!

Harpy Youngling (2, 1, 2)
Father Winter's Helper (2, 1, 2)
Sister of Temptation (1, x, x)

Flyby. Slicing Wind. Lift-Off. One last Slicing Wind if needed. For Salty Bird, immediately bring out Helper. Gift of Winter's Veil. Call Blizzard. Ice Lance until Salty Bird dies. Do the same for Grommet. If Helper dies, bring out Sister. Shadow Shock until Grommet dies.

8. Master of Magic

Jade Owl (1, x, 1)
Mini Mindslayer (2, 1, 2)
Hungering Claw (2, 1, 1)

Slicing Wind twice. Life-Off, Slicing Wind until Itchy dies. For Salty Bird, immediately bring out Mindslayer. Amplify Magic. Mana Surge. When Grommet comes out, Life Exchange. Bring out Claw. Spiked Skin. Foreboding Curse. Spam Shadow Shock until Grommet dies.

9. Roboteer

Robo-Chick (1, 1, 1)
Tinytron (1, 1, 2)
Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 (1, 2, 1)

Overtune. Supercharge. Peck. Spam Peck until Itchy dies. Immediately switch to Tinytron. Fire Shield. Lightning Shield. Spam Arcane Blast until Salty Bird dies. Do the same for Grommet. If you need a third pet, bring out Varmint and use Rabid Strike, Extra Plating, and Metal Fist.

10. The Lil' Necromancer

Blighthawk (1, x, 1)
Fragment of Desire (1, x, 1)
Scraps (2, 2, 2)

Slicing Wind twice. Lift-Off. Spam Slicing Wind until Itchy dies. Bring out Fragment. Soulrush. Spam Spiritfire Bolt until Fragment dies. Bring out Scraps. Death and Decay. Spam Bone Bite. Consume Corpse if needed. If your Soulrush causes a stun and the enemy pets switch out, just follow the strategy and you'll win anyway.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Restoration Druid Guide Part 6: Gameplay (8.0.1 Compliant)

Other Restoration Druid Guides:
Part 1 - Talents
Part 2 - Stats, Enchants, Gems, and Consumables
Part 3 - Spells
Part 4 - UI and Addons
Part 5 - Gear and Azerite

Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

I saved this part for last for a reason.  It's important to have the right tools before you start a construction project, and resto druid is much the same.  Theory is important.  But now, let's get right into the nitty gritty - the part where you actually heal.

Firstly, make sure you're all buffed up and ready to go.  If you're doing a progression fight, make sure your enchants and gems are on point.  Make sure you have Lifebloom and Rejuvenation running on the tank.  Keep those rolling on the tank or tanks at all times.  You can put Ironbark on your tank if they're a bit squishy or before a big damage ability.  Right after the pull, put down your Efflorescence under a group of at least 3.  Usually the melee are all together so they're good to put it under.  Make sure you have as close to 100% uptime as you can.

Restoration Druid Guide gameplay resto

Heal light to moderate group damage with Wild Growth.  To heal damage on a single target when you have time to cast, use Regrowth or Swiftmend.  Apply Rejuvenation to people taking steady damage.  I like to put Cenarion Ward on the main tank immediately on cooldown.  If they are taking high damage or you anticipate them taking high damage, throw Ironbark on them.

For high damage phases, pop Tranquility.  If you chose Tree, you can also pop that.  It empowers your spells and makes Regrowth instant, so I usually spam Regrowth on people.  Be aware that this really burns your mana.  You can use Innervate to give yourself some time to blanket the entire group with HoTs and then pop Flourish.  There are some situations that those abilities are very helpful, but I like to just cast them on CD so I'm making good use of them.  Make sure you cast Regrowth when Omen of Clarity procs.

Restoration Druid Guide gameplay resto

If you are going to have to soak damage, make sure you put Barkskin on yourself.  You can even use Ironbark on yourself and shift into bear form and use Frenzied Regeneration if you really need to.  Make SURE that you don't tunnel and forget to heal yourself.  You can't heal anyone if you're dead.  If it becomes necessary you can cast Nature's Cure or Rebirth on an ally, though for Rebirth I would ask permission from the raid lead before doing so.  If many people are dead after a fight is over, you can use Revitalize to get the whole group up at a time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, comment or tweet me so I can address it.  I am not the end all be all of resto druids so if there's something I should add I'd be happy to do it.  Thank you for reading my guide.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Restoration Druid Guide Part 5: Gear and Azerite (8.0.1 Compliant)

Other Restoration Druid Guides:
Part 1 - Talents
Part 2 - Stats, Enchants, Gems, and Consumables
Part 3 - Spells
Part 4 - UI and Addons
Part 6 - Gameplay

Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

I know you want me to give you a Best in Slot list.  There's so many options with different stats that knowing which gear is RIGHT is a huge pain in the butt, made no easier by all these differences because of random sockets and the forging system.  Unfortunately, I can't give you a BiS list.

In general, whatever has a higher item level is what you should be equipping (also take into account the Azerite traits).  The exceptions to this is in jewelry and trinkets, where certain stats and effects may make something pull ahead of items with a higher item level.  Generally, we tend to prefer trinkets with a large amount intellect instead of fancy effects that are less reliable.  Your best in slot will also vary based on what content you do.  Obviously if you only raid and don't do mythic dungeons, mythic dungeon items will not be applicable to your BiS list.  My recommendation is to visit AskMrRobot.com, and have it calculate your best in slot based on what content you actually do and whether you run a mastery or haste build.  You can change it up as you wish and sub things in that you believe are better.  That's what I do to generate my list of desired gear.

Azerite Traits

You can equip multiple of each trait, but keep in mind that percentages do NOT stack, but flat numbers DO.

Autumn Leaves
Archive of the Titans

Rejuvenating Breath
Lively Spirit
Waking Dream - Only have one Waking Dream trait, because the percentage increase does not scale with multiple traits.
Blessed Portents
Blood Siphon
Sylvanas' Resolve
Blightborne Infusion
Blood Rite
Meticulous Scheming
Rampant Growth - Will only apply the bonus Regrowth ONCE, no matter how many of this trait you have.
Secrets of the Deep
Swirling Sands
Grove Tending - Good for Mythic+
Incite the Pack / Tradewinds - Good for Mythic+

In general, what you want to shoot for is two Autumn Leaves traits and one Archive of the Titans. Keep in mind that having two Autumn Leaves traits will alter your rotation slightly. Use Wild Growth more sparingly, because you want Rejuvenation to be the only HoT on a given player at a time (excluding tanks). You will also need to drop the Spring Blossoms, Abundance, and Cultivation talents. Also note that having an extra Germination and a Rejuvenation on a single target counts as two HoTs. Enchant Weapon - Coastal Surge will ALSO negate Autumn Leaves, so pick another enchant. The HoT from Concentrated Mending will also negate it.

For Mythic+, it's best to have one Grove Tending, and two Incite the Pack / Tradewinds.

Everything else is a no.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Restoration Druid Guide Part 4: UI and Addons (8.0.1 Compliant)

Other Restoration Druid Guides:
Part 1 - Talents
Part 2 - Stats, Enchants, Gems, and Consumables
Part 3 - Spells
Part 5 - Gear and Azerite
Part 6 - Gameplay

Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

Your user interface is very important.  It's how you get information about the encounter, know who and when to heal, and react to threats.  It doesn't have to be fancy or unrecognizable from the original UI.  It just has to be functional for YOU.  Ask 10 people what their UI looks like, and you'll get 10 different answers.  What they all have in common is that their UI is optimal for what they do, because everyone plays a little differently.  I'm not going to go over what my UI looks like and how to get it, I'm going to go through what raiders (specifically restoration druids) should have on their UI.

Other Posts You May Find Helpful:
VuhDo Setup and Export String
A Stroll Around My UI

1. Functional raid frames

Restoration druid guide raid frames vuhdo resto addon

Your frames are your bread and butter.  I personally use VuhDo.  I like how it is versatile and highly customizeable, and attractive compared to other frame addons.  Configure your spells in a way that will be the easiest for you to remember where everything is.  Healbot is another viable alternative (and what I started with), as well as Clique + Grid.

I also have my VuhDo Setup and Export String available here.

2. A boss mod

Restoration druid guide boss timers dbm resto

Most raid groups require a boss mod.  It will call out mechanics for you and tell you when you're standing in fire.  It also makes it easier to coordinate healing cooldowns by alerting you of high raid damage.  I use Deadly Boss Mods, but I know some guilds also use BigWigs.

3. Bars

Restoration druid guide bars bartender resto

Presumably you can use the default bars, but I like to use Bartender.  It sleeks up your UI and frees up space for other things that could be more helpful to you for healing, like auras.

4. A meter

Restoration druid guide meter skada resto

Numbers are not everything, but it's still important to pump out as much healing as you can consistently in order to be useful to your raid.  Therefore, you should be using a meter to gauge your progress.  You can also use it to observe other restoration druids who may be doing better than you, and you can perhaps notice a way to improve.  I like using Skada, but Recount is also popular.  Not to toot my own horn, but that's me on the top in that picture ;)

5. Logging

Restoration druid guide analyze logging resto

This is probably more advanced, but when you want to  get into progression content, you should really look into logging your performance.  You can analyze in detail everything you did, and everything you did wrong.  You can see what you did wrong in order to know what you should do better next time.  You can input the logs into the website WoWAnalyzer, which will analyze it and give you point of improvement.  I've found it to be very helpful.  I log raids using Warcraft Logs, which I upload using Loggerhead.

4. Auras

Speaking of auras.  I use WeakAuras.  It adds an icon to your screen that makes it easier to keep track of cooldowns or charges for spells.  Because I use VuhDo, I can take most of my healing spells off my bars and just make auras showing me the cooldowns.  I would not be able to heal without my auras.  Most auras come in two parts: one to show the cooldown, one to show when the ability is ready. For some abilities, like Innervate, I also have an aura that shows buff duration.

Here are all the strings I use on my restoration druid.

You can import them into WeakAuras.  I finally discovered text boxes so I'm not pasting log strings of code into the post directly, so just right click the box, click "Select All", copy, and paste directly into WeakAuras!  If you find an error, please let me know!